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It’s peace! Awlad Suleiman and Tebu tribes of the Libyan South sign reconciliation agreement in Rome

It’s peace! Rome – 29 March 2017. The tribes of the Libyan South – the Awlad Suleiman and the Tebu – in the presence of the Tuareg leadership sign their reconciliation agreement in Rome, Torretta dei Massimi,  home of Ara Pacis Initiative.

“Personal stories political truths”: Syriaza hearings at the Italian Parliament

Rome, 30 July 2016. Participants of the Syriaza workshops were invited to recount their experiences to members of the Human Rights Committees of the Italian Senate and Chamber of Deputies, as well to the Laura Boldrini, President of the Italian Parliament, in the course of a private meeting. The impact of the stories was such

Launch of Abwab, the First Arabic Newspaper in Germany

Frankfurt, 23 December 2016. The first Arabic Newspaper in Germany was launched today, 23rd December 2015,  with the support of Ara Pacis Initiative. ABWAB (“Doors”) is a newspaper by refugees and for refugees, that aims to open doors to cultural dialogue and understanding. A cultural, social, political, independent monthly newspaper, that addresses the needs and

Dedicated to Padre Paolo Dall’Oglio

Viterbo, 28 July 2016. A special visual arts and musical event was dedicated by Syriaza participants to Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, an Italian Jesuit missionary who was kidnapped in Syria almost four years ago and has since disappeared. The event, created by Syrian artist Thaer Helal, featured gigantic posters of Father Paolo, on which audiences were

Father Michael's book translated in 9 languages

Father Michael’s book “Redeeming the Past : My journey from freedom fighter to healer” is being published in more and more languages: already a US and South African edition in English and then Bosnian, German, Sinhalese, Spanish and Japanese.  In 2015 a second and third Spanish edition in Spain and Cuba, French and Afrikaans. Redeeming

The Necessary Truth

ROME, 24-30 May 2014 In order to support the Libyan Law in favor of victims of rape and sexual violence and in general, to contribute to the dissemination of a culture of respect, dignity and reconciliation, the Ara Pacis Initiative organized a series of training sessions for young Libyan leaders on dignity healing testimony and