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ABWAB – “Doors”-  is the first Arabic Newspaper in Germany. A non-political, cultural, social, independent monthly newspaper that addresses the needs and concerns of Syrian, Iraqi and other Arabic-speaking refugees in Germany.


ABWAB stems from the fruitful encounter between Ara Pacis Initiative and multicultural and multilingual publisher New European Media: the attention to the concerns and interests of migrant communities in Europe is now enriched by the reframing of stories in a perspective of dignity, healing and inter-communal peace, that challenges the fear and manipulation of regime, religion and history.


The Newspaper


The aim of ABWAB is to help those fleeing from violence and recovering from trampled dignity to settle into their new country of refuge, build human connections and learn to how to set up a new life in Germany.

The monthly free-press newspaper informs refugees on key issues from the countries they fled, from their new country of refuge, and from refugee communities throughout Germany.

In each issue, refugees find easy-to-read guides on German legislation that regards or affects refugees, helpful information about living in Germany contributed by German activists and writers, and reports and interviews from local refugee communities contributed by the many Arabic-speaking journalists and writers in exile in Germany.

ABWAB also means to be a bridge between those who have fled violence to find refuge in Germany and those who are still in Syria, in Iraq or in other war-torn countries, by hosting stories from home that do not focus on violence, but promote healing, empathy, peace-building and reconciliation.

Stories of men, women, children from all sides of the conflict who have survived unspeakable suffering and are willing to share their lesson of courage and resilience. Stories of friends and family in Iraq and Syria who defy prejudice, mistrust, hate, violence and revenge and dare to understand, trust, forgive, nurture compassion and empathy, and together build bridges, peace and a vision of a shared future.

ABWAB is distributed in refugee shelters and community centres all over Germany.

The Publisher


ABWAB is published by New German Media,  part of New European Media, a 15-year old European publishing network for migrants and refugees in Europe (Stranieri in Italia, My Own Media, New European Media). New European Media acquired a unique reputation in the field of ethnic media for its reliable and outstanding service to foreign communities, earning the trust of corporations and public institutions in Italy, UK, Germany and Romania.

New German Media is supported by Ara Pacis Initiative in upholding standards of “reconciliation” reporting, in a perspective of dignity, healing and inter-communal peace, challenging the fear and manipulation of regime, religion and history.

ABWAB is printed in over 60 thousand copies, distributed free once a month in refugee shelters all across Germany.

Media data:


Newspaper: Abwab
Editor-in-chief: Ramy Alasheq 
Target Group: Arabic-speaking communities in Germany 
First issue: 22 December 2015
Frequency: Monthly
Language: Arabic 
Circulation: +65,000 copies / issue 
Format: Half Berliner format, 260 x 350 mm (w*h) full colour, Euro scale
Print area: 230x325mm
Price: free-press
Distribution: +450 refugee shelters across Germany
Contact: [email protected]