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Now that we have taste hope Khaled Mattawa

Now that we have tasted hope Now that we have come out of hiding, Why would we live again in the tombs we’d made out of our souls?

The Necessary Truth: addressing the burdens of history

April 5 2014, in Rome, at the  House of Memory and History, a group of Libyan and Italian experts and activists convened in order to analyze and discuss the legacies of Italian colonialism in Libya and ways in which to build constructive relations built on truth and common values.   

UN Presentation of The Necessary Truth

UNITAR Presentation on The Necessary Truth – Memory, Healing, and Justice New York, UN Building 23 Sep 2013 The presentation  informed Member States on a ground breaking Libyan legislation which equates victims of sexual violence to victims of war providing for social, economic, educational and medical assistance in a perspective of healing – promoting trust,

Rape in the Hands of the Tyrant

Seminar on the dissemination of truth as a requisite for transitional justice Tripoli, May 4, 2013, Radisson Blue Hotel Mahary in Tripoli. A special event entitled: "Uncovering the truth - transitional justice in the changing Arab countries: Rape in the hands of the tyrant… weapon of war/weapon of suppression of an entire people" was organized

Incontro con Leymah Gbowee – La dimensione umana della pace

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“The Human Dimension of Peace: Towards a Political Culture of Forgiveness and Reconciliation”

Rome July 2-3, 2012. The Ara Pacis Initiative, in collaboration with the Italian Government, brought together a renowned group of peacemakers in Rome July 2-3, 2012 for a series of events focused on the human dimension of peace. The public event – “The Human Dimension of Peace: Towards a Political Culture of Forgiveness and Reconciliation”