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Agreement of Good Intent FULL TEXT – Murzuq Peace Dialogues between the Aheli and Tebu of Murzuq

Agreement of Good Intent – FULL TEXT

Representatives of the Aheli and Tebu delegations of Murzuq sign an “Agreement in Principle” at the Ara Pacis Initiative offices

In the framework of a meeting held in Rome from 14 to 18 October, organized by the not for profit organization Ara Pacis Initiative, with the support of the Italian government, the delegation of the Arab citizens of Murzuq [Aheli] and the delegation of the Tebu of Murzuq found an agreement in principle on the following points:

  1. To identify abducted and missing persons, to disclose their fate and to return them to their families.
  2. To establish a fact-finding commission, binding for both parties, and to permit it to have access to the city, along with human rights organizations and local media, in order to find out the facts.
  3. To allow a technical commission to assess the extent of damage to public and private property;
  4. To take all necessary measures to facilitate the safe and peaceful return of displaced persons to their homes.
  5. To cease all hostilities affecting civilians and their property and to stop hate speech.
  6. To form a commission composed of the heads of the Murzuq banks, the Tebu Elders of Murzuq and the persons designated by the mediating party that will supervise the reactivation of the banking system in order to provide banking services to customers in displacement areas until return, ensuring that the infrastructure is not compromised.
  7. To form a tripartite commission to monitor the implementation of this agreement, consisting of two members from the delegation of the Arab citizens of Murzuq (Aheli), two from the delegation of the Tebu of Murzuq and two appointed by the mediating party.

The two delegations undertake to implement the terms of this understanding in the short term and pledge from now their readiness to start a process of constructive dialogue in order to reach a final agreement for peaceful coexistence between the two parties.

The dialogue phase will start with a meeting convened by Ara Pacis Initiative in Rome under the auspices of the Italian government. Delegations from both sides will participate, along with notables, sages and dignitaries from the Fezzan and Libya.

The Parties express their unremitting will and determination to make every effort to reach the final agreement.

Signatures: Heads of Delegations

For the delegation of the Murzuq Arab citizens – Ali Mohamed SHAMSI

For the delegation of the Murzuq Tebu –  Al Senousi Aja Saleh TOKA

ROME, October 17, 2019