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LIBYA – Murzuq Peace Dialogues: First Meeting to Implement the Agreement of Good Intent between Aheli and Tebu

12-14 November 2019, Rome

Ara Pacis Initiative hosted on 12-14 November the first meeting of the Tripartite Commission, established within the framework of the Murzuq Peace Dialogues held in October between the delegation of the Arab citizens of Murzuq [Aheli], and the delegation of the Tebu of Murzuq at its headquarters in Rome, with the support of the Italian government, implementing point 7 of the Agreement of Good Intent, signed on October 17th .

Ara Pacis Initiative, mediating party of the Commission, appointed mediators Sheikh Aboubakr Alfaqui Anquidazin Abkidah, head of the Tuareg notables of Ubari [Obari], signatory of the Doha peace agreement between Tuareg and Tebu, who was elected president of the Commission; and Dr. Ibrahim Ali, member of the Libyan Forum for International Affairs and professor of literature at the University of Sebha, elected vice president.

The Commission, made up of the two mediators, two Aheli representatives and two Tebu representatives, examined each point of the Agreement. The members concurred on procedures for its implementation, prioritising the following points: the exchange of prisoners and the identification of the deceased; the end of all violence against citizens and their property; a stop to the dissemination of hatred through social media; access of all citizens to banking services; and establishment of trust building dialogues between armed youth of both parties.

Murzuq - Image source Facebook @Khalifa Yousko

The Aheli and Tebu members of the Commission agreed to engage both delegations in devising shared solutions for the implementation of the remaining points: return of displaced persons, assessment of material damages in the city and establishment of a fact-finding commission. In particular, the identification of the necessary measures to ensure the safe and peaceful return of displaced persons to their homes.

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled to take place within two weeks in Ubari [Obari], upon the invitation of Sheikh Aboubakr Alfaqui, who underlined how the Tuareg-Tebu Obari agreement can be shared as a positive experience within the Murzuq Peace dialogues between the Aheli and Tebu of Murzuq.

Ara Pacis Initiative is an international not for profit organisation dedicated to the human dimension of peace, active in Libya since 2013.