We at Ara Pacis develop creative programs aimed at transforming conflict, overcoming divisions, initiating healing and fostering reconciliation and peace in societies torn apart by sectarian violence and conflict.

Our programs are centered on transforming the human precursors to, and legacies of conflict – ranging from trauma to hate, from prejudice to revenge, from fear to anger and beyond – into dialogue, forbearance, understanding, empathy and mutual collaboration for a shared future.

We understand, based on our own experience, that until these human factors are addressed, personal and collective memories of suffering will return, and enmities will ultimately re-emerge to destroy any progress made towards peace and development, re-engaging populations in cycles of violence and revenge.
Here are some of the projects we developed.

For the safety of our team members, not all details have been disclosed. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us at [email protected].

The Areopagus

Presidency of the Italian Parliament: Conference on “The human dimension of peace – towards a political culture of forgiveness and reconciliation”

The Libya Initiative

Rape in the hands of the Tyrant

Presidency of the Italian Parliament: Conference on conflict-related violence and reconciliation in Arab Spring countries

The Necessary Truth: Libya

The Audiovisual Dignity Healing Testimony Model

United Nations Training and Research  Presentation of “The Necessary Truth Libya:  Memory, Healing, and Justice”

The Necessary Truth: addressing the burdens of history

Training in Ara Pacis Method

Defending the defenders